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Growing peaches is an art form - or at least it is when its done right! It takes all the right ingredients to make the sweetest and most flavorful, melt in your mouth peaches. A lot of the ingredients that allow us to grow such exceptional fruit are beyond our control. Temperature, humidity, sunlight, and water are things that are impossible for us to control but exist in a naturally optimal state in the high desert canyons below Colorado's towering Rocky Mountains. Our farm is sheltered at the mouth of the De Beque Canyon, in the historic peach farming community of Palisade Colorado. Generations of Coloradoans have recognized the unique qualities for peach production that exist here and have made our area famous for the quality of fruit that can be produced. Palisade Produce began as an offshoot of Rocky Mountain Peach Company in 2005. We have taken the tradition of ripe, large, and colorful peaches that RMPC was known for and improved upon that tradition, coming up with new methods for maximizing flavor and delivering those mouth watering flavor bombs to you in prime condition. Our commitment to quality remains our focus as we serve fundraiser groups, grocery stores, and roadside peddlers throughout the United States. 


Discover What’s Blooming at Palisade Produce!

During this vibrant season, we're meticulously concluding the pruning of our trees, awakening them from dormancy and ushering them into a flourishing bloom. Additionally, we're planting new trees, further nurturing our commitment to growth and renewal.

 We are in the process of getting certified organic and I am excited to now be an all organic operation! We will not be certified until the three year transition period has elapsed. However, we are using all organic inputs and other than the required transition period, we are completely organic in practice. We use no synthetic herbicides, insecticides, or fertilizers.


Peach Fundraisers

Our peaches are an extremely effective way for groups of all kinds to raise money! We make the process easy and can accommodate  almost any group's size and fundraising goals.

Farm Practices

Palisade Produce recognizes the critical importance of healthy diets and we utilize practices that minimize the use of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. We have eliminated herbicides from our producing acres entirely. Please click below to see how we are working to ensure our peaches are healthy for everyone to eat!


Roadside Fruit Markets

Palisade Produce sells to roadside fruit markets throughout Colorado and we even have a few people who sell roadside in Iowa, Minnesota, Kansas, and Texas.

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